Set up a reactivation campaign

The various parts of the reactivation campaign are ready in Spotler. Now we need to make the automated campaign work. You can set up automatic campaigns with the Campaigns module.


An automatic campaign in Spotler always consists of two parts:

  1. Campaign trigger (s)
    A start trigger is the trigger of a campaign. It tells Spotler that something must be done. What causes an automatic campaign to start?
  2. Campaign step (s)
    The trigger tells Spotler that something must be done. The sequel is a campaign step and that can mean, for example, that a message is sent, data is adjusted and / or an SMS is sent out.


The start trigger and the campaign steps can also be seen in the campaign flows below.



It is not without reason that we show two schedules for the reactivation campaign. The campaign we have in mind is the most convenient to set up in 2 separate campaigns in Spotler.

Campaign 1

The first campaign starts when a customer is inactive for 7 months and ensures that the survey is highlighted.


Campaign 2

Has the customer still not opened anything after 9 months? Then the second campaign sends an SMS notification or a field in the Spotler database is changed.


Set-up campaign 1

Go to the Campaigns module. In the Overview, click on the yellow button New campaign at the top right. A step-by-step plan then starts. In step 1 you specify the characteristics of the campaign, in step 2 you set up the campaign.

Determine campain trigger

A start trigger is the trigger of a campaign. Different types of triggers are available in Spotler. In the case of the reactivation campaign, you use Period not opened.


You will see a pop-up appearing. Select the number of months that a contact has not opened:


Click Ok to add the trigger.

Determine campaign steps

Spotler now knows that something must be done if someone is inactive for 7 months. What this is, determine your campaign steps. Add a Step. In the pop-up, select Send email.


Then a new pop-up will be shown where you can give a name to the campaign step and select the message that belongs to this campaign.


Add two campaign steps; 1 for sending the invitation and 1 for the reminder (reminder). An example of the settings can be seen in the image above.

Change campaign messages

The invitation and reminder included in the campaign are moved by Spotler in the Messages module to the Campaign Messages tab. This is to protect the messages against accidental deletion. Do you want to change a message? This is possible via the drop-down menu in the Campaign messages tab.

Set-up campaign 2

Click on the yellow button New campaign again. Enter a clear campaign name and click Save & next to create the second campaign as well

Determine campaign trigger

For the second campaign you use Period not opened again. Only now you enter a period of 9 months. Then click Ok to save the trigger.

Determine campaign steps

We also specify 2 campaign steps for the second campaign; 1 for sending the notification and 1 for changing a database field.


Target group filters

You can use target group filters in the campaign steps.



This ensures that one step only applies to A-customers and the other step only applies to B-customers. We assume that in the Lists module you already have these two target group filters in use for other e-mail communication, such as your newsletter. If this is not the case, you can still create them and then process them in this campaign. Please note that you do take into account the correct permissions.

Click Close Editor and Save & finish to finalize the campaign. You return to the Overview.

Activate campaigns

To run a campaign, you must set the status of the campaign to Active. Click on Change status in the drop-down menu behind the campaign whose status you want to change. A pop-up window will be displayed, in which you can adjust the status by pressing active.