Webpage reactivation campaign

The survey is ready. In the second step, you place the survey on a landing page. Landing pages can be part of your own website and can be set up in the associated Content Management System (CMS). But you can also create landing pages in Spotler, called webpages, in the Webpages module.

Creating a new web page

Go to the Webpages module. In the Overview, click on the yellow New page button at the top right. A step-by-step plan then starts. In step 1 you specify the properties of the web page, in step 2 you actually set up the survey. You do this by means of a drag and drop editor.


Insert survey

When creating the page, we will of course add the survey we made in the previous step. In the tool palette on the right you see a separate content block type: Survey.


Drag and drop the Survey to the canvas.


Now select a survey by doubleclicking the block.

Popup.pngThen finish and save the web page. Need help setting up a web page? Then read the description of the module Web pages.