Prepare a survey reactivation campaign

In order to be able to easily click together the campaign, we will first prepare all parts, including the survey. The Surveys module is the place in Spotler where you create and manage surveys.

A Spotler survey is a separate item that is placed on a landing page. You will also do this in step 2 of this step. You can compare it with an image in the Images module that you prepare to place in an e-mail message or on a landing page. The design of the survey is determined by the landing page you place it on.

Create a new survey

Go to the Surveys module. In the Overview, click on the yellow button New survey at the top right. A step-by-step plan then starts. In step 1 you specify the properties of the survey, in step 2 you actually set up the survey and in step 3 you indicate how the data of the survey should be stored.

An example of a survey for the reactivity campaign:


Need help using the Survey editor? Then read the description Editors Survey.