Reason for unsubscribing

The reason for unsubscribing provides insight into the effectiveness of your email marketing. Is the frequency appropriate? Is the content relevant? Is the reader aware that he has subscribed to the newsletter? These are questions that the report of the unsubscribe form gives you insight into.

In the standard unsubscribe forms we ask for the following:


The response can be found in the report of the unsubscribe form. In the Overview of the Forms module, click the drop-down menu and then click Report.


In the report you will see a bar chart with results under the Question report tab. But it is more convenient to make an export of the results. You do this with the middle icon in the header of the report.


In this way you can see who gave which answer and also any comments that have been posted. When someone has filled in Other reason and then places in the comments field that he works elsewhere, it can be a nice contact moment with the replacement new colleague. You can request an opt-in for your newsletter.