Unsubscribe link

Every e-mail in Spotler must have an unsubscribe link. This unsubscribe link must ensure that the unsubscribe is processed automatically. This is also the case with an unsubscribe form from Spotler. It should not be a manual process such as with a mail: to link.

In addition, the level of registration and deregistration must be the same. So suppose you sign up for the newsletter with one click, then this is also the case for unsubscribe. In that case, you are not allowed to show different types of mailings when unsubscribing that someone has to unsubscribe from separately.

If you have different types of mailings for which you can register with your registration form, you will also show these same choices with the unsubscribe form.

Service messages
Legally, service messages may be sent without an unsubscribe link. Nevertheless, we recommend offering it. This prevents recipients from marking your mail as spam via the email client because they cannot unsubscribe via the mailing.