Spam trap

The name spam trap says it all: this is a set up trap for spam. A spam trap is an e-mail address that was no longer active and then made active again to detect spammers. If a stamptrap is in your file, this indicates a list of opt-ins that may not have been obtained correctly or that your file is not up to date. An example:

2004 2009 2019
cathy-11.png cahty-16.png catch-bounces.png

Your 11-year-old girl next door Cathy thinks it's time for a super cool email address and create

She uses this email address for newsletters and accounts for various games.

Now that Cathy is 16, that childish e-mail address is really no longer possible. She quits the email address at Hotmail. All organizations that email her get a hard bounce back and remove this address from their contact file.

The email address is secretly activated. Goal: to blacklist every organization that still e-mails to it. How can a serious organization e-mail a hard bounce for 10 years?

If you regularly send mailings to spam traps, this will be at the expense of sending reputation. If the internet or email provider regularly receives e-mails from you through a spam trap, he will see your e-mail behavior as that of a spam party, which will drastically deteriorate the delivery of your mail.

A good sending reputation is necessary for a good delivery. If you continue to e-mail to spam traps, there is ultimately a risk that invoices and other office communications from the same domain (@ will no longer be delivered.

It is not always immediately visible whether an address is a spam trap. Spotler can recognize addresses that have previously been trapped as spam.