Editing the Birthday campaign message

The default email message in Spotler's Birthday campaign is quite neutral. For an optimal result, we recommend making a few changes. You can do this in the Messages module.

The default message

All messages included in an automated campaign can be found in the tab Campaign messages in the Messages module. The birthday email too. Click on Edit in the drop-down menu.


The properties of the message will become visible. Click on Save & next to go to the inbox fields of the message. Enter any changes you wish to make and click on Save & next to go to the HTML version of the message. Here, you can make changes using the drag & drop editor.


Consult the module description of the Messages module if you want to know more about the editor.


Offer the birthday boy or girl a gift, but make sure it's something that is worth their effort. A € 5 discount with a purchase of at least € 200 doesn't really come across as a gift. Gift ideas include: free shipping, a percentage discount, a free accessory with the next purchase, something of other value (white paper, training, advice), etc. You can use coupon codes for this in your web shop (read here how this works in Magento, SEOshop or PrestaShop). Indicate a period of validity to create urgency. In the default email in Spotler, you can do this with a dynamic date field. This will make the coupon appear valid for 1 year. Examples of dynamic date fields are:

  • Valid for 1 week: [date:en|MMMM d yyyy|d_+7]
  • Valid for 1 month: [date:en|MMMM d yyyy|m_+1]
  • Valid for 1 year: [date:en|MMMM d yyyy|y_+1]

Additional tips

The message is based on best practices and Spotler's own experiences. It is a neutral message, and therefore multi-applicable. For maximum conversion, we recommend making a few changes. You could design the message in your own corporate style and adjust the contact information to your own. Often, your Spotler supplier will have already taken care of this for you. Below are a few more tips:

  • Contact information
    Within your emails, always show that you are service-oriented and open to starting a dialogue by including your contact information, so that you can always be easily reached.
  • Tempt them with relevant products
    Let a customer know what they can spend their discount (the gift) on by including popular products or products based on their interests at the bottom of your message. The latter can be achieved with a customized newsletter.
  • "Shop now" button
    Make it as easy as possible for the customer to buy something again. By adding a prominent button, which is visible even when the reader doesn't load the images, you can increase the incentive.
  • Personal content
    Adding photos of your colleagues and a personal video message always makes a difference. If you do so, make sure that the content (visuals, text, gift, etc.) of the birthday email are tailored to your target group. Functions in the campaign steps such as dynamic content, customized newsletter and/or target group filters can help with this.
  • Personal greeting
    A birthday email is a personal message. On top of that, you want to emphasize your relationship with the customer. We therefore recommend using a personal greeting such as "Dear Mr/Ms <last name>", or "Dear <first name>". You can do this in the message itself, but also in the subject line. You can add a greeting by clicking on the {p} icon.
  • Service links
    Always include an Unsubscribe link in your message, and preferably also an Edit profile link. If the interests of the reader have changed, they can easily edit their preferences or unsubscribe to the newsletter. This allows you to prevent negative customer experiences and to build a genuinely interested target group.
  • Testing
    An advantage of automated campaigns is that they basically take care of themselves. We do recommend reviewing the results of your campaign every now and then. Can anything be improved? You can determine starting points for further improvement by testing different subject lines or images, or playing around with the button. Additionally, testing the type of incentive can also yield interesting results. You could use dynamic content for this test, only giving discounts to your A customers for instance.

You can easily create multiple variations of the birthday email by making a copy and adding the message(s) to the campaign in Step 3. You can ensure that the right message is sent to the right target group by using target group filters in the campaign.

Is the message completely to your liking? Then test it yourself or have it tested by colleagues.