Introduction Birthday campaign


Everybody has their birthday once a year. Then why not use that date for email marketing? The Birthday campaign is an excellent opportunity to reinforce your relationship with your customer. It gives a human, creative and refreshing twist to your present communication. What's more, this simple campaign is up to 25 times more effective than the average newsletter (source: Silverpop).

So why have not you started one yet? The number 1 reason is missing birthday data. This is inconvenient, but solvable. Collecting data is a never-ending process and can be done through various channels. Read more about it in the first step of this step-by-step plan.

Getting started

Spotler already has a basic Birthday campaign ready. This campaign is triggered by the date of birth and ensures that the birthday email is sent automatically. This is indeed very 'basic' – feel free to create variations to this campaign! Variations could include a different sending date (a couple of days before or after the birthday), dynamic content tailored to the recipient, a multi-step variation with a reminder for the gift, etc. You will go through a couple of steps in Spotler. These include editing the campaign message, activating the campaign and testing the campaign. You will make use of the following modules:


Within 5 steps, you will have the basics working in your own Spotler account:

  1. Preparing the target group (optional)
  2. Editing the message of the Birthday campaign
  3. Activating the Birthday campaign
  4. Testing the Birthday campaign
  5. Viewing the Birthday campaign reports