Introduction Win-back campaign


Generating turnover from your existing customer base is often easier than tapping into new target groups. After all, an existing customer already knows their way around your web shop and has expressed an interest. Besides, loyal customers are worth ten times their first purchase (Helpscout). And every purchase after that helps to earn back the incurred recruitment costs.

Unfortunately, not every customer will make a repeat purchase. Or at least not on their own initiative. A little help, in the form of a Win-back campaign, can give them that extra push. The default Win-back campaign in Spotler ensures that this will happen automatically.

How does it work in Spotler?

The activation of the Win-back campaign in Spotler is based on the date of the last purchase. If a customer hasn't placed a new order in six months, they will receive the win-back email. Of course, it is possible to change the time frame of half a year. We recommend tailoring this to the average purchase frequency. You will go through a couple of steps in Spotler. These include editing the campaign message, activating the campaign and testing the campaign. You will make use of the following modules:


Complete the following 5 steps to get the most out of your Win-back campaign and to stimulate the customer to make a new purchase:

  1. Preparing the target group (optional)
  2. Edit message
  3. Edit campaign
  4. Testing campaign
  5. View reports