Templates (E-mail)

In the tab Templates you will see an overview of the templates in your Spotler account. Form this overview you can:


Organize templates in folders

Do you have many templates in your account? Then it can be useful to use folders. This way everything remains clear and you can easily find templates. You create a folder with the plus icon, just like with any other overview.


As with any overview in Spotler, it is possible to sort by column. In the case of templates you can sort by: 

  • Name
  • Type (is it a Custom template or do you have a basic or standard template)
  • Default (the template that is loaded by default)
  • Modification date
  • Visibility (is the template visible to select in the Messages module)

View templates and associated article blocks

By double clicking on a template or via View in the dropdown menu, a preview of the layout is shown. This applies to both article blocks and the entire template. By clicking on the arrow on the left side of a template you can see which different article blocks are hanging under your template.


Each template contains different types of article blocks. Think of an article block with an image on the right and an article block with an image on the left. You can see which article blocks are available in your template in this overview.

Make templates default

In the table you see a column Default. By default, a type of template is loaded into Spotler. With the standard function you determine which this should be. According to the example below, the template "2020 - Spotler - E-mail" is loaded by default in the Messages module.


It is also possible to choose a different template when composing a message. Use the dropdown to make a template default.


A popup will then appear asking you to confirm whether the template should be set as default.


Deleting templates

With the drop-down menu it is possible to delete a template:

Adjust the visibility of templates

You can see whether a template is visible or not by means of the eye icon. If you see a line through the eye icon, the template is not visible. This means that when you select a template when creating a message, this template will not be shown as an option.

Rename, delete and modify templates

Your Spotler partner can change, delete or rename the template via this overview.

Start a new template

With the New template action button it is possible to create your own template based on a number of standard designs that we have prepared for you. You indicate the corporate identity colors, the data that your template must contain (social media and contact details) and you add your own logo. To achieve this, you go through a number of steps. Read more about this in the article Introduction Template editor.

Need a new template or would you like to see additional article blocks? Contact your Spotler partner.