How to change the image of a product block in my message?

When you have an integration with your webshop, products are synced to your Spotler-account. This includes the title, description, image, price and a link to the product. In some cases, you might want a different product image in your message than the one on your webshop. Here's how you do so:

When you have selected a product for your message, click on the image of that product. On the left of your screen opens a menu with all settings for this image. Click on Select to open the pop-up and select your new image.
Afbeelding product EN.png

In this pop-up you can select images which you have uploaded before. You can also directly upload a new image, choose an external image (through a url-link), or select an image from the stock library.

Select the image to your liking and your product image will be updated, but remains to have the correct link to the product on your webshop.