You can set automatic e-mail notifications in the Alerts tab. These help you to quickly gain insight into new leads or to receive a daily report on website visits. An unlimited number of alerts can be set. The advantage of an alert is that Sales can immediately follow up if, for example, a Hot lead visits the website or when an interesting page on your website is visited. 

Set alerts

Go to Alerts in the main menu and click on the blue button Create New Alert.


You then set the alerts based on 3 steps:

Step 1: Schedule

The first step looks like this:


In this step you set:

  • Name: enter a name for your alert
  • Frequency of alert: set whether you want to receive an hourly, daily or weekly alert?
  • Run every: choose a time here to receive a notification. If you have opted for hourly, you can indicate here for how many hours you want to receive a notification.
  • Enabled: the alert is off by default, drag the slider to the left to activate the alert.

Click on Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Rules

In the second step you set for which event an alert should be sent. Is this, for example, when a 'hot lead' visits your website or when, for example, a specific interesting page is visited on your website? You will see that there are several options for setting the alert; such as Page Visits and Lead Type. Click on an option and a menu with settings will pop out.


Step 3: Alert Actions

Finally, add the e-mail address of the person or persons who should receive the alert. That can also be a general email address of a shared inbox. For example or Click Add Email Address to add an email address.


Notification emails

Thanks to the notifications by e-mail, action can be taken quickly by Sales. They do not need a user in your Spotler account for this. They receive all the information they need via the notification email.

The content of a notification email may look like this:


To gain more insight into the general data, you can click on the link Click here in the notification.

Via the browser you go to a separate page with an overview of that specific lead / company and you get to see all visited pages and also how many contacts have been identified.

If several companies are interesting, several blocks can be placed below each other as above.

Get the most out of the Leads module

To get the most out of the Leads module, we recommend that you set at least the following alerts:

By means of these alerts, your Sales department can immediately follow up on hot leads and/or interesting website visitors for your organization. The chance of a match with your organization is high given the information you already have from the Leads module.