Recognize companies

Behind the Leads module is a database with IP addresses and associated company information. Placing the unique tracking script on your website creates a link between that database and the IP address of the visiting organization. Is there a match? Then the Leads module shows all available information of this organization. Anonymous visitors become recognizable companies.


View leads

When you go to My Leads in the main menu, you will see an overview of all leads that visit the website plus more detailed information.


You can see here, among other things:

  • A rating based on peppers. The hotter the lead, the more and the redder the peppers. If you see one pepper at a company, you have not yet set up a page scoring.
  • Companies that have visited your website including country of origin.
  • When a company last visited your website.
  • Date Score: that is the number of points scored by the company on that day.
  • Assigned To: if a lead has been assigned to a person from your sales team, you will see the name of the person here.

New leads

A company that comes to your website for the first time and has not yet appeared in the Leads module is marked green.


Additional company information

In addition to the company name and country of origin, more information is available. When this information is known, you will see the detailed company information by means of the temple symbol:


Consider, for example, the number of employees and the expected turnover that will be made.


View and rate companies

To view all the details of a lead, click on the company name. A new page opens:


This page provides you with all information collected about a company. Easy to sort by date or specific period. On this page you will find:

  • Date score; that is the number of points scored on that day
  • Total score
  • Visited pages; you can make an export via the download icon. At the top of the page you can select a period for which you want to see the visited pages.
  • Source of visit through Google Analytics tags. More details can be found in the Campaigns & keywords tab.
  • First en last visit

Campaign & Keywords

In addition to an overview of the pages visited, you can also see per lead how they ended up on these pages. You can see this in the Campaign & Keywords tab.


Use a logical and consistent way of Google Analytics tagging in links to the website. Then you can easily see in this tab from which source the lead ended up on your website. Campaign & Keywords works for both companies and contacts who visit your website.