Adjust cookie notification on your website

Tracking companies based on an IP address is permitted within the GDPR. Company IPs are not personal data. Tracking visitors is also allowed, provided they have given permission for this by accepting marketing cookies on your website.

If you use the Leads module, you gain insight into the behavior of companies and contacts on your website. In this case – in accordance with the GDPR – you as an organization are obliged to adjust your cookie policy and to ask visitors for approval for this method of tracking.

An example of a custom cookie text:

“We use cookies for marketing purposes. With these cookies we can measure more extensive recurring website visits and draw up a profile of a visitor. We use special software for this, namely Spotler B2B (cookie placement: 12 months). You have the option to enable and disable our marketing cookies.”

Comply with the GDPR with the Leads module

Despite Brexit, which took effect on January 31, 2020, all EU rules in the UK will continue to apply until December 31, 2020. This means that the GDPR is also still in force and that the fact that the software runs in England also applies within the GDPR rules. As soon as this changes, we will take measures.

The right to be forgotten and the right of access

You can apply the right to be forgotten and the right of access within the Leads module:

  • In the Leads module you can delete a contact and its history from the system. You do this by using Contact Search from Reporting > Reports > Contact Search (GDPR)


  • After looking up the desired contact, you have the option to export or delete the contact data.