Placing tracking script on your website

To gain insight into which companies visit your website, place the Spotler tracking script in the back-end of your website. You received this script by email after activating Leads module. Spotler creates this unique script, but you place this script by yourself in the back-end of your website. Place the Spotler tracking script in your CMS or tag manager.

Such a tracking script looks like this:

“<script data-cfasync=’false’ type=’text/javascript’ defer=’’ async=’’ src=’[unique account reference].js’></script>”

NOTE: this is an example. Each tracking script is unique per user. So you can not use the above tracking script to measure and map your visitor traffic.

Where do you find your Spotler script?

We will automatically send you the tracking script after activating the Leads module. If you can not find this email or you have accidentally deleted it, you will see the tracking script in your Spotler account.

Go to Settings > Integrations > Website > Spotler script:


The most common ways to place the Spotler script on your website are:

Add via the Google Tag Manager

Do you use the Google tag manager? Then you can add the Spotler script via the steps below.

  1. Login to Google Tag Manager and select your Workspace.
  2. Click the Tags tab.

  3. To add a new tag, choose New

  4. You will then see the screen below. Type the name you want to give the new tag. For the sake of clarity, we propose the Spotler module Leads. Then select Tag Configuration.

    Click on Custom HTML:

    Paste your Spotler Script in the box:

    Then choose Triggering:


    And when you've done that, select All Pages:


    Save the changes.
  5. Now that you have set up the Spotler script, you can publish it and put it live on your website. You do this by clicking Submit.

    In the next screen you can enter a name and description. This is useful so that you can later see what you have put live with this version.

    Once you have entered a name and description, click Publish.

    The Spotler script is now live.

Add via a WordPress plugin

Do you have a WordPress website? Then instead of your Google Tag manager you can also use one of the Wordpress plugins to add the Spotler script. Just like with the Google Tag manager, you go through a number of simple steps. Please use Google search for up to date manuals to add scripts to WordPress with a plugin.


Add via the back-end of the website

Are you not using Google tag manager? Then you can place the Spotler script in the back-end of your website. Enlist the help of your web builder.


Iris_bord_onder_bullhorn.png Adjust your cookie notification!
Through the link between the lead generation module and e-mail marketing software, you can see which contacts from your database have clicked on links from the mailings you have sent. It is also clear which pages these contacts have visited. In that case – in accordance with the GDPR – you as an organization are obliged to adjust your cookie policy and to give visitors the choice whether they agree that you map their behavior in this way.