Activate Leads module

You activate the Leads module in the settings of your Spotler account. Go to the profile menu at the bottom left and click Settings.


Then go to the first tab Account & Billing. Click on Account on the left under the heading Billing.
You will then see the Leads module under the heading General. With the button Activate you activate the Leads module.



Button Activate does not work or is not visible?
Only the owner of the Spotler account can activate the Leads module. There are different roles within Spotler with corresponding rights. If you are not the owner of the account and you click the Activate button, a message will appear stating that you do not have the correct rights to perform the action.

This does not mean that the module cannot be activated, but that the owner of the account must click the Activate button.

Read more about user roles in the Users article.

Do you not see a button at all, but are you interested in the possibilities of the Leads module? Please contact your Spotler partner

Click on the button and the following message will appear:


You will see:

  • An input field for the URL of your web contact tracking website
  • A checkbox to agree to the terms

Then click Ok. The Leads module is now available under Suite.

Click on Suite and then log in to Spotler Leads.

  • All users within your Spotler account have access to this module;
  • A unique tracking script will be generated for you and sent to you in a service message. You place this tracking script on your website to track visitors.