Introduction module Leads

Do you want more insight into the organizations that visit your website? The Leads module helps you with this by turning anonymous visitors into recognizable organizations. This is done on the basis of the IP address. This information gives you a new way to generate and follow up on leads.

Because this module is part of your Spotler account, it is also clear which of your already known contacts visit your website. And which pages they visit. This concrete information offers additional opportunities for your sales team.

The Leads module gives you access to the lead generation software that Spotler has developed for B2B organizations in collaboration with Spotler UK (formerly CommuniGator). If you click on the module, the Leads module will open in a new tab in your browser.

Technical operation module Leads

Behind the Leads module is a database with IP addresses and associated company information. By placing a tracking script, this is a unique Spotler script, on your website, the link is made between that database and the IP address of the visiting organization. Is there a match? Then the Leads module shows all available information of this organization. This is how you turn anonymous visitors into recognizable companies.


Advantage of lead generation and email marketing in one package

Combining website traffic with e-mail marketing has a major advantage: it ensures that you can recognize contacts on the website in addition to companies. Every time you send a mailing with trackable links, a unique code is sent. The contact is linked by means of his domain name ( to the organization data from the database of the Leads module. This makes follow-up a lot easier because you know exactly which contact within the organization has shown interest.


GDPR and consent

Due to the introduction of the GDPR, we increasingly recognize the importance of privacy. It is not surprising if you ask yourself whether this form of website tracking is allowed. The answer to this is yes, this is allowed. However, with an important condition: the specific visitor must accept your marketing cookie. You can read how to use this marketing cookie in a transparent manner on the page Adjust cookie notification on your website.

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