Personalizing images in your email

Besides personalizing text in your email, you can also personalize the images to make your message even more personal. Think of someone's first name, a birthday cake or the number of years that someone has been a customer already. 

Get started in Spotler

In the editor of the Messages module, you can personalize images. Follow these steps: 

  1. Place the image element on your canvas. 
  2. Select an image. 
  3. After selecting an image, you can edit the image by clicking on the pencil icon. 
  4. When you click on this icon, a popup opens. You can personalize your image by clicking on Change text. If you need more help, you can find a detailed explanation under Image settings. image

Image settings

There are a number of options when it comes to editing an image, as shown below: 


Change text

Fill in which text you want to show on the image. You will see the text {personalisation} by default which you can leave and change the rest of the text. 

Under default text, fill in what the alternative value (text) should be when the personalization field is blank. 


Click on Preview to see what the image looks like with a name. You can fill in a name of your own choosing or let the editor fill in a name by clicking on Random Name


When you save the image, a screen will be shown where you can select which personalization field should be used in the image. You will find the options available to you in the dropdown menu. 


Then, click on OK.


Font Style

Select the font you want to use for your personalized text in the dropdown menu. You can also change the font size in the box to the right. 


Text Format

Under Text Format, you can select options such as making the text all caps, fitting to text to the width of the image (Auto-Size) and other format options. 


With personalization fields that can have long names in them, such as names, it is advisable to select Fit to Width under Auto-Size. This way, the name won't be shortened but it will be made smaller to fit the image. 


If you're using a first name as the personalization, check to see what the average name length (in number of characters) is of the most common names. You will get an idea of what the image will look like. Also check how a long name will be adjusted to the image. 

Change Color

By using the Change Color option, you can change the color of your text to any color you desire. Opacity gives you the option of making the color more transparent. 



Decide where you want to align the text on the image. 



Fill in the minimum and maximum number of characters if you don't want text to be shortened on the image. 



Rotate/Skew gives you the possibility to rotate or skew the text. 


Other Options

Would you like to add shadow to your text or give color to the contour of the text? Go to Other Options.



Working with the old editor

Open an article block and select the image you want to personalize. You will see a pencil icon on the top row. The same icon is visible in the options shown at the bottom of the image. 


Click on the icon to open the editor in a new window. Read more on personalizing and editing an image under: Image settings.