By default, your Spotler partner has certain rights within your account during the initial phase after purchasing your Spotler account. This allows them to provide help where needed. After this initial phase, no one can edit your data, or import/send mailings unsolicited. If they need to carry out these actions in your account, your partner can request temporary rights. You can easily manage these rights yourself. 

How do you manage reseller rights in your Spotler account?

To grant a partner access, go to the profile menu on the bottom left and click on Settings. By default, you first end up in the tab Account & Billing.


On the bottom left, click on Resellers. You will see an overview of contacts that have put in a request. You can use the drop-down menu to view or manage the request.


If you want to withdraw your reseller's rights when they are no longer necessary, you can use the same drop-down menu and click on Revoke rights.