Enabling two-factor authentication

Before you can use the two-factor authentication, you must first enable this option in your Spotler account. You can do this in the settings menu of your Spotler account. Click on the menu at the bottom left and then on My profile.


In My profile you can see two tabs: Profile and Security. You will find the two-factor authentication under the tab Security.


As you can see, the two-factor authentication is still disabled. Click on the Enable button to enable the verification code. The Change two-factor authentication window will pop up, asking if you want to enable the two-factor authentication. 

Once you click on Ok, the two-factor authentication is enabled in your Spotler account.

The next time you are logging in, you will first have to enter an extra verification code before you can access your account. This code is generated by an authenticator app on your smartphone. Search for "Authenticator" in the App store or Google Play and install one of the many authenticator apps on your smartphone. 

When you installed the app it is time to activatie two-factor authentication for your user. You can find how to do this in the article Activating the two-factor authentication.

Popular authentication apps

There are many authentication apps available in the app stores. They are all suitable. From a security point of view, it is wise to choose an app with good ratings.

The Google Authenticator app is popular among Spotler users. You do not need a Google account for this. Keep in mind that your codes will not be synchronized to the cloud. Lost access to your phone? Then you will no longer have access to your Spotler account. Fortunately, you can then reset your two-step verification.

With authenticator apps such as those from LastPass, the codes are stored in the cloud. You create an account and use that account to access your codes on various devices.

Another commonly used app is the Microsoft Authenticator. This is because many Spotler users already have a business Microsoft account. When activating the Spotler two-step authentication, choose new work account, then you can scan the QR code.

Mandatory Two-step authentication for all users

Do you want to force all users to log in in this secure way? Then please contact our support department. They can activate this for all current and future users. Keep in mind that all users must immediately activate the two-step verification the next time they log in.