Personal Data

The GDPR makes it mandatory to document which personal data is processed for your email marketing activities and for which purpose you do this. In addition, you are obliged to comply with data minimization. You are not allowed to store personal data in Spotler without using this information for your email marketing activities. Segmentation and profile enrichment of personal data are still possible! You just need to know which personal data you are storing and what you use this data for. That is why you can see in the Personal data page (under the Privacy tab) which personal data you process in Spotler. Delete the data that you don't use for email marketing activities.

How does it work in Spotler?

Go to the Privacy tab under Settings. Next, click on Personal data on the left.


Here, you will see all active database fields in Spotler that you have created for your email marketing purposes, or that you had someone create for you. For eCom, these are also the orders that are synchronized from the web shop.


Extrainfo_FAQ.jpg What about profile enrichment and the GDPR?
Enriching profiles is allowed for email marketing purposes. You do have to be aware of the purpose of the data and it should not have any negative consequences for those involved. Data minimization is mandatory. This means that all unnecessary data, that you don't use for email marketing, must be deleted.