Synchronizing orders

Email marketing is more than simply sending out a newsletter to a large group of contacts.  Cleverly fine-tuning your content to your audience will boost your success rate. For a linked online store it is therefore possible to synchronize orders with Spotler eCommerce. This allows you to apply extensive segmentation options to tailor the content of your mailings (and automated campaigns) even more specifically to your individual subscribers.


Insert, update or delete orders

In Spotler, marketing professionals can use the synchronized order data to select customers who have placed an order within a certain period of time. Subscriber selections can also be made based on the products ordered and the total price of the order. 

To do so, you will need the following data:

  • Id of the contact
  • Order date
  • ProductIds included in an order
  • Order price

If an order is placed, edited, or deleted (cancelled) in the online store, this information must be passed to Spotler immediately.

Technical documentation
Insert an order (optionally with update=true)
Update an order
Delete an order