Edit product review campaign message

The default email message in Spotler's Product review campaign is quite neutral. For an optimal result, we recommend making a few changes. You can do this in the Messages module.

The default message

All messages that are included in an automatic campaign can be found in the tab Campaign messages. The Product review email too. Move your cursor across the Product review campaign message and an icon with an arrow will appear. Click on the arrow and then click on Edit in the drop-down menu.


The inbox fields of the message will become visible. Enter any changes you wish to make and click on Next to go to the HTML version of the message. Here, you can make changes using the drag & drop editor.


Would you like to know more about editing messages? Please read the description of the Messages module.

Recently purchased products 

The products that were purchased with the order are shown in the message with a dedicated content field: the Product list. This allows the customer to write a review for each product. The unique thing about these fields, is that the Review button automatically refers to the right review page in your web shop.

Additional tips 

The message is based on best practices and Spotler's own experiences. It is a neutral message, and therefore multi-applicable. For maximum conversion, we recommend making a few changes. At the very least, design the message in your own corporate style and adjust the contact information to your own. Often, your Spotler supplier will have already taken care of this for you. Below are a few more tips:

  • Contact information
    Show that you are service-oriented and open to starting a dialogue by including your contact information, so that you can always be easily reached.
  • Personal elements
    This is a one-on-one message. If you include elements such as a personalized opening and closing greeting, you immediately set the tone and underline the service-oriented approach.
  • Extra incentive
    Reviews are very valuable for your web shop. You could send an additional 'Thank you' mail after a review has been written, or create a 'Thank you' web page in your web shop. You could even include a little gift (such as a discount) in your message, which can also be promoted in the initial message to incentivize the reader. The only condition for this bonus is that you register reviews per person on your website and communicate this information back to Spotler. An easier option is to have a raffle for a prize among reviewers each month.
  • General review
    The reviews of this campaign are about the products in your web shop. Reviews for your web shop as a whole and the service that is provided are valuable too. You can therefore also utilize the introduction of the email to refer to independent review sites such as kieskeurig.nl, trustpilot, kiyoh, etc.
  • Testing
    An advantage of automatic campaigns, is that they basically take care of themselves. We do recommend reviewing the results of your campaign every now and then. Can anything be improved? You can determine starting points for further improvement by testing different subject lines, images, or experimenting with the button. Additionally, experimenting with a discount/promotion can also yield interesting results. However, if you do this, make sure the test lasts for a limited amount of time. You can also use dynamic content for this test, thereby only giving discounts to your 'big spenders'.

Is the message completely to your liking? Then test it yourself or have it tested by colleagues. To do this, you have to first give the campaign the Active status.