Introduction Product review campaign

Reviews are valuable content for your web shop. Over 85% of potential customers indicates that reviews have had an influence on their purchase (source: Zendesk). The web shop with the most relevant reviews comes across as the most reliable, and therefore has a head start. In addition, reviews are unique content that contribute to the ranking in search engines. So, start collecting those reviews!

Getting started

The automatic Product review campaign in your Spotler account, makes it very easy to collect reviews. This campaign is triggered by your web shop as soon as a purchase has been made. After 14 days, Spotler will automatically send an email mentioning the purchased product(s). The customer is asked to write a review per product.

You will go through a couple of steps in Spotler. These include: editing the campaign message, activating the campaign and testing the campaign. You will make use of the following modules:


All in all, you must complete 5 steps to get the most out of your Product review campaign and collect as many reviews are possible:

  1. Edit product review campaign message
  2. Activate product review campaign
  3. Link product review campaign
  4. Test product review campaign
  5. View product review report