How do I create a new template in Spotler Mail+?

You can create a new template in the editor of the Messages module.

  1. In the top, click on the tab Templates.

    Tab templates EN.png
    Click on the yellow button New template in the topright, and next Editable v2: New template (SPML).
    new template v2EN.png

  2. In step 1, enter a name. Choose a recognizable name for your template. Click Save & Next.

  3. In step 2, click Edit to open the editor. Create the blocks in the editor that you need for your template. In any case, place a header with an online read link and unsubscribe link and add a footer with contact details. Want to know more about how the editor works? Read the article: Editor Messages.
  4. Happy with your template? You save it by clicking on the save icon, in the top of your screen.

    Save template EN.png

  5. Next, you click on Close editor, followed by Save & finish.

Where can I find my template?

The template can be found in the Template library when composing a new message in step 3. Click Saved on the left to see an overview of all your saved templates.

Saved Template.png

When you move your mouse over the template you will see a View button appear. You can view the full template on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

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