Test the Product review campaign

The campaign is now completely configured and active. To be sure that the whole process runs smoothly, it is good to test the campaign. You can do this by placing an order in your web shop yourself. If necessary, you could change the time period to Immediately in your campaign, so that you receive the Product review email right away. While testing, pay attention to the following:


  • Spelling
  • Tone of voice 


  • Does the campaign get activated (is it triggered)?
  • Is the email send right away?

Campaign message

  • Are the subject line and the name of the sender correct?
  • Are all images visible?
  • Are the correct products listed?
  • Is everything aligned properly?
  • Are all click-throughs working properly?
  • Are all standard links, such as unsubscribing, forwarding and contact working properly?
  • If you have a personalized the message, is this working correct?
  • Does the Review button work for each product?

You can verify the test points listed under the heading "Campaign" in the campaign reports. Read more about this in Reports of the Product review campaign.