Introduction abandoned shopping cart campaign

Shopping carts in webshops that contain products are not always settled. Reasons can include (technical) failures, but shopping carts are also used as wish lists and for price comparison.

An Abandoned shopping cart campaign allows you to stimulate the target group to complete the purchase after all. Various studies show that around 20% of consumers create conversion after such a campaign! It is therefore certainly worthwhile to do something with it. Once the campaign has been set up, it pretty much takes care of itself.

Getting started

Spotler already has a basic Abandoned shopping cart campaign. This automatic campaign is activated as soon as your web shop has detected an abandoned shopping cart. Your web shop will send Spotler a signal that includes the content of the abandoned shopping cart. This is then included in the email that Spotler automatically sends to the website visitor (provided the person has given a newsletter permission).

Bewust.jpg Are the details of your potential customer already known?
Logically, the Abandoned shopping cart campaign can only be used when the details (as in: email address) of the potential customer are known. This means that they must be logged in to your web shop at the time of leaving.


You will go through a couple of steps in Spotler. These include editing the campaign message, activating the campaign and testing the campaign. You will make use of the following modules:



All in all, you must complete 5 steps to get the most out of your Abandoned shopping cart campaign and create conversion from the potential customer:

  1. Edit abonded shopping cart message
  2. Activate abonded shopping cart campaign
  3. Link abonded shopping cart campaign 
  4. Test abonded shopping cart campaign
  5. View abonded shopping cart report