Activate the abandoned shopping cart campaign

As indicated, the message in the Messages module is part of the abandoned shopping cart campaign. The automated campaign itself can be found in the Campaigns module. The campaign in Spotler already has the right settings, all you need to do is activate it.

Move your cursor across the shopping cart campaign in the Overview screen and a round icon with an arrow will appear. Click on the arrow to open the drop-down menu.


Next, click on Change status in the drop-down menu and a pop-up will appear.


Change the status from Inactive to Active and click on Ok.

About the campaign 

Every automated campaign in Spotler consists of two parts:

  1. Campaign trigger(s)
    A starting trigger is what prompts a campaign. It tells Spotler that something needs to happen. What causes an automatic campaign to start?
  2. Campaign step(s)
    Because of the trigger, Spotler knows that it has to do something. Next comes a campaign step, which could be a message and/or an SMS being sent, or information getting edited.

The trigger of the Abandoned shopping cart campaign is configured to be an external trigger, because the signal is given to Spotler by your web shop. As a campaign step, the email that is final in the Messages module will get sent. 


Filter: newsletter recipients 

If you look at the settings of the Abandoned shopping cart campaign, you will see that a target filter has been configured for both the trigger and the campaign step.


The reason for this, is that the law requires you to have an opt-in to be able to email someone. The Abandoned shopping cart email has a commercial purpose. Therefore you can only reach contacts who have indicated that they want to receive commercial email communications.