How can I change the prices in my product block?

To indicate in your message that the price of a product has changed, you can add the old price as product content to the product block. Select the desired product block. You can then add additional product content on the left of the screen. In this situation, choose oldPrice and select the place where you want to add it. Click on Add, the extra product content is now visible in the product block.OldPrice toevoegen EN.png

In the editor you can now enter the amount of the old price, if it is not synchronized from your webshop. To make it extra noticeable that this is an old price, you can strikethrough the text by selecting it and clicking on the Strikethrough icon (S).Gewijzigde tekst EN.png


Show the old price in the old messages editor

In the old messages editor, you can change the 'before price' by clicking on the drop-down menu next to a product block, and then on Change text.


A pop-up will appear where you enter the price in cents. It is also possible to change the product name and description here. The changes only apply to your newsletter and not to your webshop.


Click on Ok and the product block has been changed to your newsletter.