Spam check

Spotler does a spam check on your message. This means checking if your message can be marked as spam. 

Spotler checks for words like 'Free' or 'Special offer'. But also for shortened URLs such as '' or ''

When your message is marked as spam, it is not possible to change the status of your message to Final and you will not be able to send it.


  • Step 1: Shortened URLs

It's not okay to use shortened URLs, but it is good to include your own domain name in trackable links. This helps your readers recognize that you are the sender of the mailing. This increases trust in you as the sending organization and reduces the chance that readers will mark your mailing as unwanted or spam.

  • Step 2: Check if your message is too large

If you receive the message 'Warning: your message is larger than 2MB', you need to reduce the size of the images in your message. You can use an online tool for this or follow the steps in the following guide: Editor Images.