Introduction to Two-factor authentication


Since December 2023, two-factor authentication is mandatory in Spotler Mail+. Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, prevents misuse and provides rock-solid protection where even the strongest passwords fall short. It ensures that your account is personal to you by requiring a unique verification code on top of your password.

After entering a username and password, Spotler Mail+ requests a verification code. You will find this in an authenticator app on your phone after scanning a QR code for activation. After several seconds, the app will refresh and new codes will be generated. This way you are always assured of a unique code and your user account remains well secured. Two-step verification works on a per-user basis, not per account.

Getting started

Everything regarding 2FA settings can be found in your profile menu, under the tab Security.


It's easy to activate two-factor authentication. To do this, follow the steps in the article: Activating two-factor authentication.

Would you like to know how to reset two-factor authentication? Take a look here: Resetting the two-factor authentication.