Introduction to Two-factor authentication

Logging into Spotler with your username and password can be made even more secure. If the combination of password and user name is stolen or hacked, an unauthorized person could gain access to all personal data in Spotler. By securing your account with the two-factor authentication, you can keep those persons out, even if they have your password. If you use two-factor authentication, you secure your account with both your username, password, and an extra verification code. This unique verification code is generated by an app on your smartphone. After a few seconds, the app refreshes and new codes are generated. This way, you are always assured of a unique code and your Spotler account will remain well-protected.

Getting started

You can enable the two-factor authentication in your profile menu, under the tab Security.


This process is really easy. You can get this additional layer of security on your Spotler account in just two steps:

  1. Enable it in Spotler
  2. Activating the two-factor authentication

Would you like to know how to reset or disable the two-factor authentication? Then continue to step 3 and 4:

  1. Resetting the two-factor authentication
  2. Disabling the two-factor authentication