Would you like to be able to automatically send a newsletter to someone who has registered to your newsletter? For instance, your most recent or best-scoring newsletter? You can set this up in two places in Spotler: in the tab Automailers and in step three of scheduling a mailing. Before you do this, you will first have to adjust the settings to automatically send a newsletter, and after that indicate which newsletter that should be. Go to the tab Automailers to set up a newsletter to automatically be sent when you receive a registration. 


Go to the tab Automailers. Here, you will see an overview. If you don't have any automailers yet, your overview will look like this:


From this Overview, you can:

  1. Create a new automailer by clicking on the button New automailer.
  2. Search for automailers by using the search bar.
  3. View, edit, rename and delete existing automailers by using the drop-down menu.

Drop-down menu for existing automailers

In the screen of Automailers, you can open a drop-down menu three different ways:

  1. Move your cursor across the screen and a circle with an arrow will appear.
  2. Right-click and a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Select multiple automailers. A menu for deleting automailers will appear at the top right.

The drop-down menu looks like this:


Edit Open the step-by-step plan of the automailer to edit the settings.
View An overview will open, in which you can see which mailing is linked to the automailer.
Mailings that are scheduled for the automailer, but have not been sent yet, can be found under the heading Scheduled. The second tab, Target group, shows which values someone must meet to receive the mailing from the automailer. 


Rename Change the name of your automailer.
Delete Delete your automailer. 

New automailer

Click on the yellow button New automailer to start a step-by-step plan consisting of three steps:

  1. Properties
  2. Settings
  3. Target group

Automailers for automatically sending your newsletters
Spotler allows you to automatically send all your newsletters, using an automailer.
Your newsletter could, for instance, be filled with content from your RSS feed and get sent automatically at a set time. This automailer is set up by your Spotler partner and can't be found in this overview. Would you like to find out more? Please contact your Spotler partner.


Step 1 - Properties

In the first step, you must name the automailer you are going to set up. When you're ready, click on Save & next.


Step 2 - Settings

In this step, you are going to determine the settings of your automailer. 


  • Send date/time: Do you want the new subscriber to receive the most recent newsletter immediately, or will you set it up so that there is a delay? If you select Immediately, please note that the subscriber will receive the latest newsletter and the automatic registration confirmation (if you have set one up) simultaneously. 
  • Set as default: if you select Yes here, you will always see the option for including the mailing in the automailer checked by default in step 3 of a new mailing.



    As you can see, you can also select No. Not all mailings may be suitable to send. If you select No in step 2 of Automailers, the option will by default not be selected in step 3 of new mailings. However, you can always still select Yes.

Click on Save & next to go to step 3 of the automailer.


Stap 3 - Target group

In step 3 you will indicate which dynamic list someone should be included in, in order to receive the automailer. This way, you can distinguish between different target groups in Automailers. This can come in handy if you work with various languages, or if you distinguish between, say, prospects and existing customers. You wouldn't want a Dutch contact to receive the English newsletter! 


Click on Save & next. You will return to the overview of Automailers

Contacts in multiple dynamic lists
Each new contact in the database that meets the criteria of a dynamic list receives the newest linked mailing automatically after it has been set up. If a new contact is included in multiple dynamic lists and if these lists are linked to an automailer, the new contact will automatically receive multiple mailings.

New mailing Step 3 - Settings

In the previous steps, you have determined the general settings for the automailer, such as which target groups the automailer applies to and its sending time/date. In the overview, you can create multiple automailers and view and edit them. Instead of in the tab Automailers, you will determine which mailing is actually included in the automailer in the step-by-step plan of the new mailing. Under step 3 in the step-by-step plan for a new mailing, you will see the option Resend.


This is where you determine whether or not the mailing is relevant to resend to new subscribers. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I link a mailing to an automailer afterwards?
    Linking a mailing to an automailer is done in the step-by-step plan of a mailing. It is not possible to link a mailing to the automailer afterwards. Do you still want to link a mailing that has been sent? Reschedule the message and turn the setting on.
  • Is an automailer active for new contacts in a dynamic list?
    The automailer will only be active for new registrations in your database. The automailer then looks at the dynamic list that the new contact falls into. Existing contacts in the database who change target group (dynamic list) will not receive a newsletter via the automailer.
  • Is it possible to send an A/B mailing with the automailer?
    Yes, this is possible. The winning e-mail will then be forwarded. If the A/B mailing is not yet completed or canceled, it will not be included in the automailer. The same applies when the mailing has a distribution of 50% -50%. The mailing is therefore only used for subsequent sending when a winner is known.