Do you have an RSS feed which you want to load in your newsletter? The following options are available once you click on the RSS element in the Messages editor:



  • RSS URL: insert the URL of your RSS feed in the text box and click on the icon next to the text box to load the RSS feed. More options will appear: 
  • Number of articles: select the number of articles you want to show from your RSS feed. 
  • Layout: you can choose to place the articles horizontally, so next to each other, or vertically.
  • Items per row: if you opt to show the articles horizontally, you can set up how many items should be shown next to each other. 
  • Add: decide which information from your feed should be shown. Your feed is divided into a header, left column and footer. Select which data you want to show where. 
    It is then possible to rearrange items by dragging them with your cursor. You can delete items by clicking on the bin icon.

RSS style

  • Padding: spacing around your RSS feed as a whole.