Private link domain

By adding your private domain to trackable links, the recipient will see that the URLs are coming from your company. This creates a sense of trust with the recipient and ensures more click-throughs and therefore a higher conversion from your mailings. 

There are 4 steps to setting up a private domain in trackable links:

  1. Adding a private domain in Spotler
  2. Having your server administrator check the DNS settings
  3. Activating the domain
  4. Use your domain in your trackable links in Spotler 

Adding a private domain in Spotler

In this first step, you will add the domain to your Spotler account. You can do this by going to Settings, and then to the tab Security.


Click on the button Add domain. A pop-up will appear.


Enter a domain with a specific sub domain that will only be used for trackable links in email messages that you send from Spotler. For example:

Next, click on OK. After you have requested the domain, you will see that the status of the domain in the overview is now set to Requested.


Having your server administrator check the DNS settings

In order to change the status from Requested to Ready for use, the required DNS records must first be correctly implemented on your server. After you have added the domain, you will receive an email with instructions. These instructions are meant for your server administrator. Using the button Check DNS records, your server administrator can check the DNS records.


When your server administrator clicks on the button Check DNS records, they are directed to a landing page with the status of the required DNS records on your server. With this information, the server administrator can see exactly which actions they need to take. 


The landing page will also show if the DNS records are already correct.


The owner of the Spotler account and the domain applicant will then receive a notification by email. This way, you will know that the created domain can be used in the trackable links of emails in your Spotler account.

Spotler also shows the current status. 


Activating the domain

The domain is almost ready for use. To actually show the domain in your trackable links, you will still need to activate it in your Spotler account. You can do this by right-clicking on the added domain. In the drop-down menu, you can see the Activate option. 


Click on Activate and you will be given the option to automatically convert the links in current messages in the Messages module to this domain. This could be useful for updating the trackable links of all campaign messages in one go, for example.


Multiple domains

Use the same method to create multiple private domains and use them in your Spotler account. 


Use your domain in your trackable links in Spotler

Your domain has been added and will now automatically be shown in your trackable links. You can also see your domain when you preview your webpages in the Webpages module


If you have added multiple domains, you can choose which URL to use for your Spotler webpage. In addition, your domain will be shown when you schedule a mailing in the Mailings module.

Have you activated multiple domains in the account? In step 2 of creating your message in the Messages module, you can choose which domain you want to use in your message. To do this, click on the drop-down menu and select the correct domain. 


Notification: Required CNAME record when using private domain

The functioning of links in messages depends on your server. If at any time something is wrong with the required CNAME record on your server, or if there is something wrong with your server, the owner and the administrator of the domain will receive an email notification. This will explain what is wrong, so that you and your server administrator can take action.