How can I compare my mailings?

There is an easy way to compare mailings, in the overview of the Mailings module. Select the mailings you want to compare (no maximum) and click on Compare mailings in the drop-down menu.


A new window will open that shows various tabs.


The first tab compares the general results, allowing you to see which mailing performed best in terms of open rate. The other tabs contain more detailed information. 

One such tab is the click-through rate tab:


Of the selected mailings, you will see the click-through rate in percentages and also the not clicked-through percentage. In each tab, you are shown a bar chart and a table with the specific values.

Do you have Spotler eCommerce? If so, the report will show an additional tab: Conversion rate. This tab compares the clicks to web shop, shopping cart rate, order rate and revenue.


Exporting the mailing comparison results

Do you want to download the results of your report so you can share them with others? Then click on the following button in the header: