Under the Settings in the Security tab, it is possible to enable an IP check when logging in to a Spotler account. This is only possible if you are the owner of the account.

By whitelisting IP addresses or IP ranges, you exclude other IPs. It is therefore only possible to log in with an IP address that is on the whitelist.

Enable IP-check

Click on the Edit button to enable the IP check. A popup will open with the two choices enabled and disabled. Click the Enabled option and then OK. A new window will appear where you enter the IP address or a range. Then click OK again. The IP address or range is added.


The IP address you have added will be visible in the overview and you will see a blue button to add more IP addresses.


Omar_bord_serieus.png Working from home
Do you work at home? Then it is necessary that you have a connection with VPN. It is not possible to log in with an IP address from another location that is not on the whitelist.

Disable IP-check

If you want to disable an IP check, click the Edit button. In the pop-up window click on Disabled and OK.

Delete an IP address

When the option IP address check is enabled, at least one IP address is required in the overview. If you have added one IP address and you want to delete it, there are two ways to delete it.

  1. You disable the IP check by clicking on the Edit button and then on Disabled.
  2. You add a new IP address. A remove button will appear when creating multiple IP addresses or use your right mouse button.