How do I test a (new) template

To test a (new) template, create will a new message in the Messages module. Go to the Messages module and click on the yellow button New message.

  1. In step 1, give it a name you will easily recognize and remember. Click on Save & next.
  2. Fill out the subject line. This is mandatory if you want to be able to go to the next step. Click on Save & next.
  3. Select the template you wish to view/test, using the drop-down menu in step 3.

  4. Click on the button Edit. Create a message like you are used to. Are you new to the editor of the Messages module? Read more about it in the article Messages Editors.

Points of attention

There are a number of points to consider when testing a template:

  • Is everything neatly aligned?
  • Do all standard links in the header work, such as the link behind the logo?
  • Do all standard links in the footer, such as unsubscribe, social media and contact, work?
  • Are the colors correct?
  • Are the fonts correct?
  • Are the contact details that are standard in the template correct?
  • Drag all variants of content blocks onto the canvas: is it working as you expected? And you have all the blocks at your disposal that you have taken.
  • Create a test message in which you change at least the following: an image, a title, a link behind the button and a multiblock (if available in your template). Then test this post to yourself on desktop and mobile, everything looks neat?