Starting with your data

To ensure a smooth import process in Spotler, it is wise to check the file structure of your contacts file. Here you can check the properties, the particularities and the structure of each database field.

General structure of the file

Your file should meet the following requirements:

  • File format: XLS, XLSX, CSV and TXT are allowed.
  • Column names: should be linked to the database fields in Spotler.
  • No filters: Spotler does not recognize filters because the content will then be variable.
  • One tab: the contact data on the first tab will be imported. Data on all the other tabs should be merged with the first tab.


Tip_hoedoejeditinSpotler.jpg Tips for preparing your file
1. Consider in advance which database fields you want to use within Spotler. This depends on which fields you require for segmentation and personalization. And do you actually have this data at your disposal?

2. Remove the data that you do not want to use from your import file. This will keep the data in your files within Spotler better organised. Another important fact to consider is that the GDPR law stipulates that you are not allowed to save data/personal data without a purpose.

3. From a safety perspective, you should not import sensitive data, such as an IBAN number or a personal security number. We recommend you to delete this data from your file in advance.

In short, do not import data you are not going to use for your email communications.

Type of database fields and structure

For a better file structure it is good to know which database fields are available and what their properties are. Below you can see a listing of database field types you will encounter in Spotler with an explanation:

  1. Free field (text field), numeric field, currency field:
    A field that can be filled freely, for example First name and Last name.
  1. List field:
    A field that contains multiple options, such as interests.
  1. Data of birth field and date field:
    A field that could, for example, be used for a birthday campaign or a life cycle campaign.
  1. Permissions field:
    A field to store subscription or subscription data for a certain type of mailing.


Free field (text field), Numeric field, Currency field

Characteristics: All types of input are possible.
Important: Be mindful of a consistent use of capital letters and spelling. “Spotler” and “spotler” will be seen as unique values and will therefore be stored separately. This complicates the creation of target audiences.

In addition, there can only be one value in this type of database field. A new value from the next import will overwrite the current value.

File structure: 1 column that can be filled freely
Example file:  Module_Lijsten_Bestand_Voorbereiden_Voorbeeld_bestand_EN.png
Display in Spotler: Module_Lijsten_Bestand_Voorbereiden_voorbeeld_vrijveldinSpotler_ENG.png


List field 

Characteristics: A list with pre-defined values.

Multiple values are possible. But each value will require a separate column in your file.
Important: In addition, there can only be one value in this type of database field. A new value from the next import will overwrite the current value.

Each value has 1 column, the values can be: Y, yes, N, no
File structure: The order of columns can be arbitrary.
Example file:





Display in Spotler: Module_Lijsten_Bestand_Voorbereiden_voorbeeld_lijstveldeninSpotler_ENG.jpg


Date of birth field and date field

Characteristics: Dutch DD/MM/YYYY
English MM/DD/YYYY
Important: There can be only one value in this field. A new value from the next import will overwrite the current value.
The difference between the date field and the date of birth field is that the last one is used for birthday campaigns.
File structure: 1 column that can be filled freely
Example file: Module_Lijsten_Bestand_Voorbereiden_Voorbeeld_bestand_geboortedatum_ENG.png
Display in Spotler: Module_Lijsten_Bestand_Voorbereiden_voorbeeld_verjaardaginSpotler_ENG.png


Permission field

Characteristics: Different types of mailings that someone can subscribe or unsubscribe to.
Important: Multiple values are possible, but each value requires a separate column in your file.

Even though this database field works the same as a list field, it is important that you link permissions to the permissions field. When planning the mailing, Spotler checks if the target group selection at least contains the permission field.
File structure: File structure: Each value has one column, the input is: Y, yes or N, no
Example file: Module_Lijsten_Bestand_Voorbereiden_Voorbeeld_bestand_permissieveld_ENG.png
Display in Spotler: Module_Lijsten_Bestand_Voorbereiden_voorbeeld_permissieinSpotler_ENG.png

Finished reading through all the points? Then you are ready for the import! Read more about it in Imports.