Preparing dynamic lists

As previously mentioned, a dynamic newsletter works based on dynamic lists. You have one dynamic list you will send your dynamic newsletter. All contacts that should receive the newsletter are part of this list.

Each content block will be linked to a specific dynamic list and in that way you can determine the dynamic content. The contacts appear in your main dynamic list and in an additional dynamic list. For instance, you have a content block that is only of interest to people from a specific city like Rotterdam. You will then link a dynamic list, with a filter for all people living in Rotterdam, to the content block. The dynamic newsletter will be sent to a larger contact list. Spotler will automatically sync the contacts from the main dynamic list with the dynamic lists that are linked to specific content blocks.

You can read more about creating dynamic lists in the Lists module.


Tip.jpg Use folders
Add your dynamic lists that are used for dynamic content to a separate folder. In this way you can keep your lists organized and they won’t get mixed up with your main dynamic lists.