Testing and sending

All parts of the event registration have been set up. To make sure everything will go as planned, it is wise to test the whole registration process. Firstly, check the message preview by selecting View in the dropdown menu next to your invitation.


Does everything look good? On mobile as well? Perform a live test by sending the invitation to the testing audience.

Sending the test message

Click the Test option in the dropdown menu next to the invitation.


A new screen will open where you can send your test email to the test audience or to a single recipient. When you are sending to a test audience, contacts from the Spotler database are used. This means a connection is made with the Spotler database and therefore you can also test service links within your message (update preferences and unsubscribe). You cannot do this when you choose to send the message to a single recipient.


Besides from choosing a test audience vs. a single recipient you can choose the format of the test message: multipart, HTML or plain text.

Multipart means Spotler sends the HTML and the plain text version to your contact. The email client of the contact will show the right format upon delivery. Depending on the settings and the possibilities of their email client, the recipient receives the HTML or plain text version in their inbox. In most cases this will be the HTML version. Spotler uses this way to send the final mailing in the module Mailings. If you choose this option, it could be that you can only view the HTML version of your test message. Would you like to see the plain text version? Do an additional test for the plain text format.

Checking the registration process 

What should you look for after receiving the test message? Below you can find some points of interest to be mindful of when you are going through the registration process.


  • Spelling
  • Tone of voice


  • Are the subject line and the sender name correct?
  • Are all images displayed correctly?
  • Is everything properly aligned?
  • Do all click-through links work?
  • Are all service links like Unsubscribe, Forward and Contact working?
  • Is the personalization displayed properly?
  • Is the form transcript visible and filled in correctly?

Webpages with a form

  • Is the page displayed correctly?
  • Do all click-through links work?
  • Do mandatory fields and corresponding notifications work?
  • Is data saved properly (also see step 6)?
  • Does the right ‘thank you’ text appear?

Removing testing applications 

If you are finished testing and editing your message you should delete the test registrations of your form in the module Forms. All form registrations are saved in the report. If your form has the status Concept or Draft, all applications will be saved as test applications. Below is a screenshot of how this looks like. With the Delete button you can easily clean up the report.



Waarschuwing.jpg Cleaning test applications
Are you using the ‘Event Planner’ in your form? Then it is even more important to remove all test applications. If you forget to do this, test applications will keep appearing as attendees and they will be taking up available spots for your event.


Changing the form status 

Is the form ready to use? Change the status of the form to Final. This can be done by selecting Status in the dropdown menu next to the registration form. As soon as the form status is Final, applications are no longer saved as test applications. Only change the status when you are completely done testing.


Sending invitations 

When all statuses are set to Final and the registration process is ready to be used, you can send the invitation to the right target audience. You can do this via the module Mailings, the same way as you would do with a ‘regular’ newsletter.