Introduction event registration

Are you launching a new product or considering organizing a client day? Use our registration form with automated confirmation emails and notifications. By adding several advanced features to the form, Spotler has made it as easy as possible for your respondents to fill in the form. You can prefill the date, add personalization, display/hide questions, skip pages based on previous input, display a ‘thank you’ note or form overview and add an application limit.

The form applications can be downloaded as an Excel file. This can be helpful for your event organization. All these advanced functions can be applied without any technical knowledge.

Getting started in Spotler 

With this step-by-step plan we will guide you through the application process setup for your event. You will send out an invitation to a target audience in which they can click through to the registration page. After filling in the form, a confirmation email will be sent to the respondent and you will receive an internal notification.

You will use the following modules in Spotler for event registration:


For clarity reasons we will assume that you have already prepared all the necessary content, such as images and text. You go through the following six steps:

  1. Composing the form
  2. Composing a webpage
  3. Confirmation and notification
  4. Composing the invitations
  5. Testing and sending
  6. Viewing the response

We are only giving you one example in a myriad of options. You could come up with many more ways to use forms!