Testing the welcome campaign

The automated campaign is ready to be used. Before you go live with your campaign, you should thoroughly test the entire process. This can be done by letting the trigger do its job, which means by filling in the subscription form.


The subscription form can be found in the module Forms, where it can also be tested. Open the module Forms and select Open editor in the dropdown menu next to the subscription form. In the editor you can select the Test form icon.


By filling in the form in the preview, the campaign will be triggered and all the steps you added will automatically be initiated. During the test keep the following in mind:


  • Spelling
  • Tone of voice
  • Is the subscription properly added to the module Lists?


  • Do all required fields and the corresponding notifications work properly?
  • Is the right “thank you” message or page being displayed?


  • Is the campaign activated (does it start)?
  • Is the campaign message sent at the right time?

Campaign messages

  • Are the subject line, snippet and sender name visible?
  • Are all images displayed properly?
  • Is everything properly aligned?
  • Do all click-through links work?
  • Do all service links such as Unsubscribe, Forward and Contact work?
  • Does personalization work?

All the above-mentioned testing points below the “Campaign” heading can be checked in the campaign report. Everything you need to know about this subject can be found in the chapter View report of this step-by-step plan.