Introduction welcome campaign

The first few days after obtaining an opt-in are important for building your email relationship. A welcome email is an important tool, because a first impression can only be made once. It gives the recipient answers to questions like “What kind of organization is this?”, “What do you offer?”, “How can I use this?” and “How can I get in touch?” These are a lot of questions, so why should you limit yourself to only one email?

When you are creating a welcome campaign that is made up of several messages, your contact will get to know you better step-by-step, but you will also learn a lot about them. Welcome emails have the best open rates and are the perfect place to ask them to fill in additional data. In this way you will immediately set a good basis for future email marketing activities. And the best part is – once you have set up the campaign, it will run completely automated.

Getting started

A standard welcome campaign has already been set up in Spotler. This automated campaign will be triggered as soon as someone registers via the registration form. The campaign is initially set up to only send one email, but if you have access to the module Campaigns, you can expand the campaign.

For a welcome campaign you will be using the following modules:


You will go through a 4-step process which will help you get the most out of your welcome campaign and will give your new subscriber a warm welcome:

  1. Composing the messages
  2. Editing the campaign
  3. Testing the campaign
  4. View the report