Sending A/B mailing

You will follow the same steps when scheduling any other message. In step 3 you will see some additional settings for A/B testing. Here you can specify the size of the test groups based on which the winning message will be chosen.



Dividing A/B test segments
Use the slider to determine the size of your test segments. The segments A and B are always of equal size. This means that the exact same number of contacts receives versions A and B of the message. To guarantee the quality of the testing results, the selection of contacts for each group will be completely random.

Determining a winner
After the testing period has ended, the winning message can be manually or automatically sent to the remainder of the list. Having it sent automatically is the most convenient, as you don’t have to worry about it.

Selecting the winner based on
With automated A/B testing the winner will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Open rate
    The open rate is the percentage of opens relative to the number of successfully delivered emails. Only unique opens will be counted, which means 1 open per contact.
  • Click-through rate
    The click-through rate means the number of unique click-throughs (only 1 click per contact per link is counted) relative to the number of successfully delivered emails.
  • Click-through rate of conversion links
    The click-through rate of conversion links is the same principle as click-through rate, but specifically for conversion links.

Duration of the test
Not all contacts will immediately open an email message when it is delivered to their mailbox. Some contacts will not open the mailing at all. For testing purposes, it would take too much time to wait until everyone has opened the message. With this option you can specify the duration of the testing period after which the winning message will be sent to the remainder of the group.

Email notification
When the testing period has ended, Spotler can send you an email notifying you that the test has been completed.

Mailing analysis

In the last step of this step-by-step plan, an overview will appear in Spotler. In the case of an A/B mailing you will see an additional A/B overview.