Composing an A/B message

Open the module Messages. Click on Overview and then click on the New message button. It makes no difference if you are composing an A/B message, a ‘regular’ newsletter, an action email or an invitation: you always follow the same steps. When you compose an A/B test message, you only have to make a few additional choices. The following elements can be used for A/B testing:

A/B sender name
You can see Add A/B test after the sender name in your inbox fields. 


When you click on this option, a new text field appears where you can add a second sender name for the B version of your email.


A/B subject line and snippet
The other elements that is suited for A/B testing is the subject line and snippet. Would you like to test which subject line will get you the most email opens? Click on the Add A/B test option below the subject line field. 


A second field for version B of your subject line will appear. And you will also see an version B for the snippet.


Is you just want to test the snippet, then make the subject lines the same.

A/B layout, content of CTA
An email message in Spotler is made up of several content blocks. These blocks can be used for A/B testing. With each block you can specify if it is version A or B. You can do this by opening the block menu and selecting the A/B settings option.



This means each content block can be tailored to version A or B of your message. For instance, with a different header image, different CTA or different body copy.