Defining A/B testing goals

Before you start running an A/B test, we recommend to determine what exactly you would like to test. This step is not directly related to Spotler, but it is an important one. Testing an email campaign can be done based on different characteristics. Below are a couple of suggestions for automated A/B testing within Spotler. We recommend that you only test for one characteristic at a time. That way it will be easier to analyse the results and see which version was more successful.

Sender name
It is important that the sender’s name is clear and recognizable for your reader and (hopefully) inspires trust in your brand. This will affect your email open rates.

Subject line
How do you persuade people to open your email? Testing subject lines can provide insights on what subjects are effective for your target audience.

The snippet is an extension of or an addition to your subject line. Like sender name and subject line, this affects the recipient whether or not to open your message.

Content layout
Try varying the position of your images and/or content and find out if this has a positive effect on your conversion rate. Changing the order of your articles can also make an interesting test option.

The CTA (= Call to Action) is a button or link that should trigger an action (conversion) with your reader. What are the main goals you wish to achieve? Test which CTA gets the best results. Which would work better, a button or a text link? And which colour do you use and how do you describe (textually) your CTA?