Composing a dynamic newsletter

Just like with a regular newsletter, your starting point will be the module Messages. Composing a dynamic newsletter is done the same way as composing a regular newsletter. In the upcoming instructions we will only go over the parts of the process which differ when you are creating a dynamic newsletter. A complete description of the module Messages can be found in the description of the module Messages.

Linking content to dynamic lists 

Your newsletter is made up of several content blocks. Each article is a separate content block. When you’re applying dynamic content, you can decide if each separate content block will be added as a standard or an optional block. You can do this by clicking on the checkbox on the left side of the block bar. 


A pop-up appears.


Choose Optional block and new options will appear. Click on Dynamic list. Select the target group you would like to link to this block.


It's possible to link multiple dynamic lists to one content block.


Click OK. The content block will only be shown to the readers that are in this specific list.

In the block bar a ‘target’ or a ‘bullseye’ will appear on the right side of the dropdown menu and you will see which lists are linked to the content block.


If you want to change the lists which are linked to the content block, you can click on the bullseye or on the square on the left. The pop-up will appear to edit. 

Previewing the dynamic newsletter

Are you curious to find out how your dynamic newsletter will be displayed for a specific dynamic list? A preview of your newsletter is accessible by clicking the Preview icon (the eye).


Below the Show trackable links element, you will see a dropdown menu where you can select a dynamic list. By selecting this option, you will see which elements will or will not be displayed for that specific dynamic list.


Complete the newsletter as you usually would.