Introduction dynamic newsletter

The more relevance the content of your newsletter has for your readers, the more effective it will be. But how far should an email marketer go? You could indefinitely segment your target audience and compose a newsletter for each segment, but this would be too time-consuming. Spotler offers a solution: a dynamic newsletter! One generic newsletter that is relevant to several target audiences.

How to set up in Spotler 

A dynamic newsletter in Spotler works based on dynamic lists. Each content block is linked to a dynamic list. This means that the content block will only be shown to contacts that are in this specific list. Differentiate between your dynamic lists based on interests, demographical and geographical data, behaviour etc. You haven’t obtained this information about your readers yet? Are you not that informed about your subscribers? Start a profile enrichment campaign. 

Getting started 

You would like to compose a dynamic newsletter. You go through several steps, such as preparing your lists, composing the dynamic newsletter and testing it. You will use the following modules:


In total, these modules will take you to the following 4 steps for sending a dynamic newsletter:

  1. Preparing dynamic lists
  2. Composing a dynamic newsletter
  3. Testing the dynamic newsletter
  4. Sending the dynamic newsletter

To make it simple, let’s say you’ve already collected your content, such as images and text. A number of these steps will seem familiar; you have followed these same steps when you were composing a ‘regular’ newsletter.