View the event registrations responses

The responses to a form are usually more spread out then that those of, for example, a mailing. That is why you can’t really set a time beforehand for analysing the results. The notification message will keep you updated on the registrations. The total number of applications can always be found in the form report.

Viewing the form report 

The total number of applications can be found in the form report. Go to the module Forms and select Report in the dropdown menu next to the registration form.


A new screen will open where you can view the form report.


By clicking Export in the drop-down, you will start a download of an Excel file that contains all respondents’ data.


Tip.jpg Static list for reminder email
it is also possible to create a static list in this location, such as the Number not responded. This static list can be used to send out a reminder email. Invitees are the contacts that have received a link to the webpage via a mailing in Spotler.


View the invitees report

In addition to the form report, the success off your invitation mailing can also be viewed. For each mailing that has been sent, an extensive report is visible in the Mailings module. Open the report by clicking Report in the dropdown menu next to your invitation mailing.


On the report page you will find detailed information about the performance of your invitation. More information on the report page can be found in the description of the module Mailings.


Tip.jpg Sharing your mailingresults with your colleague
The mailing report can easily be shared by clicking the Share button at the top of the page. This is ideal if you would like to spread the results throughout your organization.